Garage Construction Site Work

Building Site Work for a New Garage Project Location: Claremont, NH Type of Work: Building Site, Drainage Work Year: 2016 Project Summary This job consisted of removing a failed concrete foundation wall from an existing one-car garage, enlarging the site for a second garage bay, doing concrete prep, installing a perimeter drain, and backfilling around the garage.

New Driveway Construction

Installation of New Driveway with Drainage & Retaining Walls Project Location: Weathersfield, Vermont Type of Work:  Drainage Work, Driveway Construction Year: 2015 Project Summary This driveway install consisted of rough grading and removing stumps from the driveway area, installing a new culvert with stone headers, installing road stabilization fabric and 3/4" hardpack, shaping drainage swales on…

Drainage Solution for Housing Complex

Residential Drainage & Culvert Installation Project Location: Springfield, Vermont Type of Work: Drainage Work Year: 2016 Project Summary Drainage improvements at an apartment complex in Springfield, VT. A new catch basin and 200' of new drainage pipe were installed behind an existing row of apartment buildings in order to improve drainage, in addition, existing drain pipes…

New Septic System Installation

Septic System for New Home Project Location: Reading, Vermont Type of Work: Septic System, Drainage Work, Utility Trenching, New House Site, Year: 2014 Project Summary Tally Ho, overseeing the installation of a new two-bedroom septic system in Reading, VT. This project also included land clearing, building prep, installing a new driveway, and trenching to a new drilled…

New House Site & Septic System Installation

Complete Construction of New House Site Project Location: South Woodstock, Vermont Type of Work: Building Site, Septic System, Utility Trenching, Drainage Work Year: 2016 Project Summary Prep for this house site consisted of land clearing, digging the cellar hole, prepping for the foundation, slab, utilities, and installing the septic system.